Blue Growth has become a hot topic around Europe after the European Commission opened the discussion with the release of a communication titled “Blue Growth, Opportunities for marine and maritime sustainable growth” in 2012. This communication defined the contents and goals of blue growth in the European Union for the first time. Check out more information on views of the EU on Blue Growth here!

The fundamental sectors of blue growth are traffic and logistics, fishing and fish farming, renewable energy, biotechnology, coastal tourism, aquaculture and the shipbuilding industry, which is particularly strong in Southwest Finland. There is a huge amount of potential for sustainable economic growth in the marine industry.

On the Blue Southwest Finland website, you can get to know the cooperation networks responsible for blue growth, and numerous new innovations and state-of-the-art research facilities both in Southwest Finland and our partner regions.

Southwest Finland

Southwest Finland is located on the southwest coast of Finland. It has a strong history of shipbuilding that is uniquely combined with modern state-of-the-art technologies. In Southwest Finland, top know-how and education are seen as crucial keys to success and well-being in the region.

There is a great deal of potential for blue growth in Southwest Finland. Thus, when the Regional Strategy for Southwest Finland was updated in December 2017, it was deemed extremely important that Blue Growth and Industrial Modernisation were added as one of the three Smart Specialisation priorities.

There is an exceptionally wide selection of industries in Southwest Finland. The region’s strongest advantage is its excellent position in the Northern Growth Zone between Stockholm and St. Petersburg. Southwest Finland can be seen as a gateway to the West, making it a central actor in the Baltic Sea Region.

The conditions for operating export companies are excellent: the harbours, road and rail connections and an international airport offer excellent connections both to mainland Finland and abroad. Education and research in the region are also of the highest quality, with some fields of research at the absolute top in the world.