A network hub that promotes innovative and sustainable uses of marine resources in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

The SUBMARINER Network is a unique platform that brings together actors from the whole Baltic Sea Region to actively promote innovative and sustainable uses of marine resources. It operates across the whole knowledge triangle (education, research, and innovation), by integrating perspectives from local to transnational scale, different science disciplines as well as policy and economic institutions.

While its roots lie in the Baltic Sea Region, the SUBMARINER Network also operates and reaches out beyond its geographical base to engage in partnerships with actors that share its thematic vision across Europe, as a member of EurOcean, BioMarine or as a partner in Horizon projects.

As a flagship initiative of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region taking off set in the 2013 SUBMARINER Roadmap, the SUBMARINER Network is a hub for projects, services, and initiatives at all levels. Fully aligned with the EU Integrated Maritime Policy Strategy and the 2017 Implementation Strategy for the Baltic Blue Growth Agenda, the SUBMARINER

Network develops and curates research and innovation projects, leads transnational and cross-border cooperation and instigates regional development, participatory governance as well as initiatives at local and business level. Since its Foundation in 2014, the Network has established a strong community of active members from public and private organisations across the Baltic Sea Region.

Through meetings, workshops, conferences and a comprehensive set of dissemination tools, the Network members and the privileged Blue Growth community are provided with a continuous platform for communication, networking, match-making and exchanges of experience, unique products, ideas and services for project, business and regional development. The SUBMARINER Network is registered as a not-for-profit European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) and is managed by a professional secretariat based in Berlin.

What does the Submariner Network offer?

All the members of the Submariner Network benefit from the following services:

- Promotion and representation of members’ competences, interests, news and events via all SUBMARINER Network channels

- Exclusive member access to all internal information, incl. communication, network events, study visits, job/intern placements and product offers

- Coordinated support to thematic Network working groups and set-up of project development consortia (e.g. transnational, national)

- Formulation and policy-oriented dissemination of position papers on Baltic Sea Region and EU levels;

- Expert advice & coaching through the secretariat hub and directly within Network (match-making of experts & resources).

Further information:

Tel. +49 30 832 1417 40
E-mail: ea(a)submariner-network.eu
Twitter: @SubmNet