The Small Craft Competence Centre, Also, Science, Cooperation and Coaching, is a Tallinn University of Technology R&D unit in Saaremaa, Estonia. The SCC was launched in 2011 through a partnership between TalTech, the Association of Estonian Marine Industries, Saaremaa and Muhu municipalities and the Kuressaare Regional Training Centre. The SCC building – and the only towing tank in the Baltics – located in the heart of Kuressaare, on Saaremaa island, opened in 2014.

Research and Development

The SCC’s main research area is sustainable marine engineering, with a focus on vessel hydrodynamics: hull resistance, seakeeping, loads and vessel manoeuvrability.

The SCC is home to TalTech Naval Architecture and the Hydrodynamics Research Group led by Professor Mihkel Kõrgesaar. The SCC also hosts a key computational fluid dynamics (CFD) project belonging to the Mechanics and Fluids and Structures Research Group led by Kristjan Tabri, Senior Research Scientist.

Collaboration and Partnership

The SCC specialises in small craft design, model testing and materials laboratory services.

Since becoming fully operational in 2015, the SCC has rendered its services to over 100 clients in the shipbuilding and other industries. The largest workboat producer in the Baltic Sea Region, Baltic Workboats AS, is a frequent towing tank client.

The SCC is an active member of the Association of Estonian Marine Industries and leader of R&D projects.

Education and Training

As part of TalTech’s Centre for the Blue Economy, the SCC contributes towards engineering education in Estonia. Marine Engineering students benefit from SCC researchers acting as lecturers and from the diverse practical learning opportunities created in the SCC’s laboratories.

Small craft building and coastal tourism are leaders of Saaremaa’s economy, which is reflected in local education opportunities. Paths leading to the marine and tourism industries are offered from the secondary to the vocational to the higher education level. The TalTech Centre for the Blue Economy is the only provider of higher education on Saaremaa. Its Marine Engineering and Business and Experience Management programmes are unique in Estonia.


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